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Online Cigarettes

Smokers in America have been given an extra option of cigarettes through ordering online. All smokers know the annoyance of going to the shop every day or week to purchase cigarettes. The availability of online cigarettes has made life so much easier for smokers in America for a number of reasons other than walking down to the shop.

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Online Cigarette Prices

Looking at price of cigarettes online firstly, you will see a huge difference to that of cigarettes you can buy in local stores. This is down to the fact that cigarettes purchased online are mainly stored in bonded warehouses bought directly from manufacturers. This means that there is no tax on these cigarettes. Cheaper online cigarettes mostly come from abroad where these cigarettes are bought in mass quantities. Cigarettes from abroad are normally less expensive to those of American anyway, and if you take away the duty and tax from the equation it makes cigarettes online extremely inexpensive.

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Online Cigarette Ordering

Price is mainly the key to why online cigarettes are so popular to smokers in America. The ease of ordering online is another benefit to smokers, as well as the delivery of cigarettes from online sources arrives at the doors of smokers. This is like a dream come true to smokers, but shipping of cigarettes can take up to a few weeks. One problem that occurs with online ordering of cigarettes is that cigarettes cartons can only be delivered one at a time by law. So if you order cigarettes online you cannot be certain that your cigarettes will all arrive at the same time or delivery.

Online Cigarette Retailers

There are other difficulties in ordering online cigarettes despite all the advantages. Apart from the uncertainty in shipping of cigarettes online, there are also question marks on the reliability of online retailers of cigarettes. Some online companies advertise a lot of cigarette brands that they haven’t got in stock to seem more attractive to smokers. In consequence it causes a lot of frustration to smokers ordering online because they are made to wait longer for these cigarettes to arrive. It’s a good idea to check whether cigarettes displayed with online retailers of cigarettes are in stock or not before ordering.


Overall ordering cigarettes online can be very beneficial to smokers in America. Mainly because of the amount of money you can save on cigarettes, and the ease of ordering makes online ordering very attractive.